Posted by Kam Breitenbach on Sep 22, 2018
Chaparral High School student, Sydney Tyler, was named the Rotary Club of Parker’s September of the Month.  When teachers at Chaparral were asked to describe Sydney we received several responses.  Tony Perichina, Assistant replied that Sydney is a great, great human!!!  She is a kind, responsible young lady that does everything the right way.  Sydney is the type of person that I hope my children turn out to be.
Mike McEwan, English teacher responded by saying that Sydney is, quite simply, one of the kindest, most empathic young people I have ever known.  When a student is in need of support, Sydney throws herself wholeheartedly into support mode.  While others stand by and wonder who to help, Sydney doesn’t wait for someone else to take over.  She understands the power of the present, and devotes her life to the well-being of others.  Anybody who knows Sydney understands that she leads with her heart, and that genuine selflessness has made Chaparral a better place.
Math teacher, Rob Ferguson told us that Sydney is one of the nicest, most positive, hard-working students I have had the pleasure of teaching!