Posted by MIKE OLDHAM on Sep 28, 2018


As a Rotary Club project we can help Boy Scout Troop 16 of Parker succeed in its mission to develop the character of a young man. Be a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor. Please go to https.// and search "merit badge" and you will get the list of 156 merit badges to evaluate.  Each badge has a pamphlet to follow to insure that the requirements for the badge are met. The youth, and his buddy, must  meet you at a convenient time and location. Next week I will pass the clipboard so you can indicate first, that you will counsel, and second, which badges. To those who agree to serve  I will send Troop Sixteen's Scoutmaster Elect, Nate Smith's, email to me with a link explaining how to become a counselor.

Rotarians are about "service above self". Please consider counseling a young man so he can succeed?

Questions are welcome. Please call me at 303-453-9067

Thank you, Mike Oldham, former Scoutmaster.